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Between Dinner and the Morning After


When the past makes a comeback…

Although it's taking her eccentric boss forever to give Abi a break, its fine — at least she's got a job. It pays the shopping bills and keeps her busy.

Although she's no longer happy with her boyfriend, it's cool — he's perfect for her mother and her friends.

That is, until someone she was in love with eight years ago returns to the picture.

Suddenly, it all boils down to the past vs. the present: Current okay life or the possibility of something better?

She has overnight to decide.


I admire Abi for her courage to turn her back against the possibility of a better career and a marriage with a wonderful man, who has a very supportive family, but I also have to say that she's a fool for letting it all slipped away.

She gambled with her opportunities. She said 'no' to a wonderful man in front of his and her family for the chance of being with Juno who is by the way a fling eight years ago. She went to San Francisco to be with the guy on the New Year's Eve without the guarantee that they will end up together. She doesn't even know the status of Juno.

In the end, she found out that Juno is so excited to become a Daddy. He's already attached to somebody else and too bad because he can't be with her on the new year's eve since his girlfriend's relatives were expecting him to join them on that celebrated event.

But despite all of it, she was glad that she was that sort of person who would do anything for a real connection

I like the book, nice dialogues, and fantastic characterization. "A must-read for all closet romantics!" narrates Cosmopolitan Philippines.


Monday, October 24, 2005

Forbidden Love


Matsushima Nanako — Michi Hirose
Takizawa Hideaki — Hikaru Kurusawa
Shirakawa Yumi
Kuroki Hitomi
Bessho Tetsuya


Hirose Michi, a 26 year old teacher dissatisfied with her life, but unable to change it's direction toward a loveless marriage and a less then satisfying career. Everything changes when she meets and bonds with Kurasawa Hikaru, a 17 year old transfer student with his own problems, which mirror her own. Mutual attractions lead to attachment and finally, love. This leads to a situation where they must contend with a society that is not accepting such an unusual relationship. The remainder of the series follows their trials and tribulations leading to a bittersweet, yet hopeful finale.


Forbidden Love is a story of true, deep and lasting love where the only crime is that Hikaru was born 9 years too late. This series taught me that we should not be paranoid with what people will think if we do this or do that. If it does not conform to their standard so what, at least we're happy right?! We are our own person and capable of making ourselves happy so we should not let other ruin it by dictating us what to do.

I really love this series and I hope that everyone could watch it. This drama moved me unexpectedly. It almost made me cry. I like the role of Takky here as compared to his role on Strawberry on Shortcake. He was adorable in this series since he knows what he wants and he didn't let anyone get on his way. I heard from a friend that ABS-CBN will be showing Forbidden Love soon. Let's just keep our fingers crossed ok?!

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Strawberry on Shortcake


Takizawa Hideaki –
Irie Manato
Fukada Kyoko – Misawa Yui
Kubozuka Yosuke –
Uchiyama Rina –
Sawamura Haruka


At some point, Manato Irie (Hideaki Takizawa) began to withdraw himself from the world. Even when picked on, it's not the real Irie, but an act. However one day he meets a strange girl - Yui Misawa (Kyoko Fukada). Yui, who finds the tedium of everyday life unbearable, teases Manato with her almost too upfront and honest manner. Alone and afraid Manato wavers but finds himself drawn to her. But his feelings for Yui are doomed to be unrequited.


This is my first Japanese series and I'm not disappointed with it. As a matter of fact, I like it. It was an excellent piece of drama with good acting, strong script, and the extra-a message to send as well. The story is heartwarming, thought-provoking, and meaningful. It will lead you to think further and makes you reflect upon yourself. The actors were fitting for their role and they did a great job.

This series makes me reflect if I really know myself that well. Until now, I'm not sure yet of what the strawberry on the shortcake depicts. Ok let's put it this way:

If you were to eat your strawberry shortcake, will you eat the strawberry first or you'll save it and eat it last?

Well in my case, I will eat the shortcake first and save the strawberry for the last bite. Maybe this means that I'm like Sawamura and Manato after all and maybe this is also the reason why I didn't like Takizawa Hideaki in his role in this series.

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All About the Party

Last night I had a blast. The party was so much fun. When we get to Metro at past 7 o'clock, there's a queue already. After our bags were searched, we got in and find some tables. The program started at around 8 o'clock if I'm not mistaken. Most of ICS professors did not attended the sembreak party well maybe because they were busy computing our grades.

The place was huge, actually we did not occupy the whole Metro Bar, we only occupied half of it. The hosts on that evening were hilarious though their jokes sometimes were really vulgar and rough.

Roy got the third place, even though he didn't have the title I'm still glad. After the announcement of the winners for Mr. and Ms. Icon, the band Liquefied Orange performed. After some songs, they encourage everyone to dance. At first we were shy to go to the center and dance but after some urging we went there and dance the night away. The party ended at 2 a.m.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Feelin' so good

Finally, first semester is over. All I'm hoping right now is to get good grades. Yesterday we had our final exam in Environmental Science (NS) and Operating Systems (OS). The exam on NS is easy if you just read and study the handout that the professor gave us. Unfortunately, I didn't review on that subject. The exam on OS is quite difficult. I wasn't able to solve some of the computations.

Actually this week, we watched two movies, Into the Blue and The 40 Year Old Virgin. Into the Blue is an adventure and suspense flick, the scenery is incredible and the stars are bodacious. Jessica Alba and Paul Walker managed to pull-out a mind-blowing chemistry. The 40 Year Old Virgin, on the other hand, is a very entertaining sex comedy. The movie is charming, sweet, romantic, and in the end it turned out to be musical too.

Tomorrow, it will be our sem break party in Metro Bar. We will be there to support our classmate, Roy, in the pageant and also to enjoy ourselves. We don't have any definite plan yet of we will be doing after the party. I hope that things will turn out the way I expected.

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Monday, October 17, 2005


I'm supposed to review for our final exam on Organizational Theory and Strategic Management tomorrow but until now I haven't flipped a single page of the handouts that i'm supposed to read. I'm trying so hard to comprehend the text on the handouts but I can't absorb the details. My mind seems to be somewhere else.

A while ago, I was sending SMS to this anonymous texter. Uh... I really don't know what to say. I think I enjoy texting with him. I kinda like the person I make out of him. He's witty, sensible, and mysterious. But the problem is..., I really have no idea who the hell he is. I try to ask him about his identity but the more I ask questions the more he gets secretive. I'm really curious with this guy. He fascinates me; he's not like most unnamed texters I've encountered before.

That's about it....., I really have to go back to the papers on my study desk... I have to read 'em.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

1st Sem Almost Over

Whew! I'm glad that this semester is almost over....

Our Final examination was scheduled this week.... and after that will be our sembreak party to be held at 'Metro Bar'.

I'm looking forward to this event after the exams... I just hope that the place will be huge enough to accommodate all the ICS students..

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Gone to the Long Home

I'll be going with my mom and dad to Bicol this Sunday to attend the last two day wake of my grandfather. The burial will be on Tuesday and as much as I wanted to attend the funeral, I can't because next week will be our last week before the final examination and there are just so many things to do.

My grandfather was once a soldier. He was one of the valiant compatriots who fought during the Japanese occupation. When I was still a kid, every morning he would usually took me on a stroll or made me memorize the 'Lupang Hinirang' or the 'Panatang Makabayan' that's why before I even set foot on school I already know the two.

My recollection of my grandfather is very limited and even though I haven't got the chance to reside with him for a very long period of time the thought of his passing away makes me sad and makes me reminisce the about the moment I had with him when I was still an innocent being and it makes me miss my childhood days, when I don't give a damn to what is happening around me. All I think of those days was candies, toys, and crayons.

...oh well, I guess the hardest part is having this feeling of regret since I wasn't able to nurse him.


Saturday, October 01, 2005