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Thesis Update and Screenshots

I know I am supposed to study for my examinations tomorrow but since I can't absorb anymore what I'm reading I opted to post something about our thesis and besides..., I haven't blogged for quite some time.

We rephrased the title of our thesis since it has been questioned by one of our professors. What we are developing is a combination of site plus web-based system that includes several modules (online ordering, inventory control, and point-of-sale) for our client.

With online ordering Plaid's customers can have their orders delivered with just some clicks away saving them from using the telephone and waiting on the busy line. But of course here we have to resolve some business issues like how can we avoid prank and ghost orders?

Inventory contol is the bulk of our thesis. Here we have to develop a system that will enable the proprietors and the staff to monitor the inventory in real time meaning whatever was sold, the inventory must also be updated. Actually this is the difficult part of our thesis. You might disagree with me but I tell you inventory is more than just adding and subtracting stocks. You have to consider a lot of things.

The following are some of the screenshots:

This is the homepage. Customers who have an existing account can use the log in part on the sidebar to access their account and below that is the section for featured products. Customers can start ordering by clicking one of the categories or by clicking the menu tab.


Upon clicking an item, you will be directed to this page where you can specify how many item you would like to order and at the lower part a textarea for customization.

order specification

This is now your cart listing items you wanted to order.


And now, the last two are part of administrator's website. I wastn't able to post here the index of the admin's site since most of it are white spaces but anyway, in the admin's website, administrators can track sales, stocks, etc. Actually the business has several proprietors who also have other businesses and work to take care of and the reason why they wanted to develop this project is that they wanted to monitor what's happening in Plaid even if they are on their offices or somewhere else.

add new product

Next is the search page. Here they can specify a search text and the system will look for a match in the database. If you keyed-in 'c' it will return all products whose name starts with the letter c. Likewise, if you typed a string 'andw' it will return all products whose name contains the string 'andw'.

On the search result you have an edit and delete option. Editing is updating the product. Deleting it will remove all the records of that product in the database.

search product

So that's some part of our thesis. There are functionalities that we're still developing and this is not the final design of the system. Actually there are still a lot to accomplish. We are using PHP5, Apache Server, MySQL5, and Ajax.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007