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The Rule of Four

I've read the book twice already and it never fails to amuse me.. Once you start reading it you'll have a hard time putting the book down. I suggest you guys to read the book. You'll learn a lot from it. It's a smart book that is worth reading. There are riddles, mysteries, and murders. The following are some of the insights I got from the book:

The strong take from the weak but the smart take from the strong.

Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver, the other is gold.

A good friend stands in harm's way for you the second you ask - but a great friend does it without being asked at all.

Never invest yourself in anything so deeply that its failure could cost your happiness.

People like to say that time is a great healer. The great healer is what they say, as if time were a doctor... but time is the guy at the amusement park who paints shirts with an airbrush. He sprays out the color in a fine mist until it's just lonely particles floating in the air, waiting to be plastered in place. And what comes of it all, the design on the shirt at the end of the day, usually isn't much to see. I suspect that whoever buys that shirt, the one great patron of the everlasting theme park, whoever he is, wakes up in the morning and wonders what he ever saw in it. We're the paint in that analogy. Time is what disperses us.

Love conquers all

Love is not supposed to be on your side. You fight with it; you try to undo what it does to others. But it's too powerful. No matter how much we suffer, Virgil says, our hardships cannot move it.

The two hardest things to contemplate in life are FAILURE AND AGE; and those are one and the same. Perfection is the natural consequence of eternity: wait long enough, and anything will realize its potential. Coal becomes diamonds, sand becomes pearls, apes become men. It's simply not given to us, in one lifetime, to see those consummations, and so every failure becomes a remainder of death.

There you go folks, more reasons for you to read the book. Enjoy! ^_^


Saturday, November 12, 2005

What Scares You?

No doubt, ghosts, bloody creatures, and monsters scare you out of your wit. But let me give you my top ten list of the things that scares me the most and prove that it's not always about ghosts, ghouls, and monsters.

  1. Snakes - Even when I'm just a kid, I'm already scared of snakes. There was one time when I'm 7 years old and I saw a snake in the street hit by a car, its blood was splattered everywhere. And believe me, I wasn't able to eat the whole day because I cannot forget the snake. Also sometimes they were in my dreams and it really freaked me out. There was one time when I watched Anaconda, the night after that I dreamed of the giant snake hunting me. That was really scary.
  2. Cockroaches specially when they are flying - gruesome creatures... ehw
  3. Losing a family member, friends, and loved one - These people are part of me. They are special. I learn from them. They make me smile and fill my life and with these reasons I'm afraid of losing any one of them.
  4. Death - I don't want to die... Not yet...
  5. Darkness and confined spaces - I hate 'em because they give me a suffocating feeling.
  6. Being alone - who does?
  7. Losing my memory - I don't like the idea of forgetting all of the wonderful experiences, nice people, and thoughts.
  8. Ghosts - Like most people I'm also scared of ghosts. I hate the thought of dead people manifesting themselves in you.
  9. Rats - I hate rats particularly the big one.
  10. Failure - I don't want to fail because that means disappointing others specially my family.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Wedding

This is a good book. If you're a hopeless romantic, I'm sure you'll love this book. It's heartwarming, touchy, and wonderful. The romance of Wilson and Jane was great but it was not the very reason why I really like the book…, it was because of Noah and the swan. Well I guess you just have to read the book if you want to find out why.

I like the way Nicholas Sparks illustrate the love story of Wilson and Jane, how they met, their first date, their marriage, their children, and every detail. I like his characterization of Jane as a woman, a mother, and a lover.

This book by the way is a sequel of Nicholas Sparks's previous bestseller novel, The Notebook.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005