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State of the Nation's Address

On the State of the Nation's Address: Classes were suspended today.... I think its a good thing since I've got the chance to hear what our president has to say on her SONA--State of the Nation's Address... Actually, I've been hearing a lot of critisisms regarding the SONA. According to a recent survey, I forgot who conducted it, Filipinos do not believe anymore to what the President has to say... The President said that our economy was uplifted but I guess a lot of people did not felt it maybe because of the continuous oil price hike... I heard that the SONA will focus on the economy and will do away with Charter Change, which is a good thing by the way....

I hate the thought that our country is divided. Everyone wanted to rule, everyone wanted to be the President. I'm not pro-Gloria but I can't see anyone who's better to replace her. Besides she has proven that she can rule. I think what we need right now is cooperation. We have to help each other. I just don't get it why we can't do it on our own country...

The poor are always blaming the government but can't they get it...??? They have to help themselves first before they put all the blame to the government... Again.. I just wanted to make myself clear.., I'm no pro-Gloria... and no one pay me to wrote these things....

Assessing the president's performance, I think she has done a pretty good job.. She was able to somehow uplift our economy, create jobs, etc.. Our president needs help and we ought to help her.. Always remember that change should start with yourself!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Piano and Me

When I woke up today and after taking my breakfast, I sat in front of my computer and began studying how to read musical notes with Yanni's music in the background. I'm desperate to learn how to play the piano. Eversince I always wanted to play the instrument. Too bad I just got the determination lately and to make things worst.., I don't have a piano or keyboard, I'm still planning to get one. Anyway, as I'm concentrating on what I'm doing I noticed that my brother was looking on the monitor and he asked me if I was planning to shift from my current course to music since I look so eager to learn the notes. He even joked about me not getting any success because first and foremost I'm a terrible singer. I just shrugged my shoulder and told him that playing the piano has nothing to do with singing.

A few moments later my brother came back and guess what he brought..... well it's a keyboard. I'm really grateful for my brother and with his connections... After that he told me that I can get things faster if I can apply what I'm learning. He's so unbelievable.

So going back... I setup the keyboard and began playing 'Ode to Joy'. It was really hard, my fingers are frozen. Then I decided to concentrate on my right hand first... And after a few tries, I can finally play some part of 'Ode to Joy'. It was a wonderful feeling. Having to finally hit the keys in the keyboard. I almost forget that I'm about to write the hypothesis and assumptions of our chapter three thesis documentation. So there... I'd just like to share that I can now play 'Ode to Joy' in the piano and I can now also read notes (some part).


Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Classic

Short narrative: It tells the story of Ji-hye, a university student who discovers a secret box filled with old letters while her mother is traveling overseas. As she explores its contents, she comes to learn of her mother's first love affair, a story which closely parallels her own situation at the university.

**Please play the video

Although the film is quite long, and takes many more twists and turns as it jumps between past and present, it is worth your time so I suggest that you watch it. Now grab some popcorn and hit the couch...

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Getting Busier Each Day

I won't be posting here for the next few weeks or maybe months. School has been so demanding and I spent most of my time in school researching about our topic in thesis. My groupmates wanted to start early which I think is a good thing since we are expected to complete the project by January next year. I'm so glad that my thesis partners are responsible and trustworthy.

As of now, our topic has been approved and we're working on chapters one to three. We're planning to start the programming of the system second week of July and I hope that we'll be able to finish it by December so that all we have to do by January is to find bugs in the system. I'm planning to have a part-time job because I'm so broke. I wanted to buy so many things without asking my parents for money... I want to buy those things on my own but since its our thesis I think its not possible for me to have a part-time job and thesis at the same time and besides I don't want to risk my academics again, so I guess those things will have to wait until I graduated from college.

By the way my mom bought me a laptop last June 22, her birthday. I not expecting her to buy me a laptop especially on her birthday. I was really surprised... I almost forgot to greet her. But anyway, I'm so grateful for my mom. She's the best mom of all moms.... ^_^ Love you Mom! Although, I do not usually express it verbally, I hope that my actions are more than enough to express how much I love you...

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Saturday, July 01, 2006