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Qualified to be a Member of the International High IQ Society

So just this morning while browsing Smartkit I clicked a link which directed me to the official site of the International High IQ Society. I browsed through the site, which by the way has a clean and very nice design, and found some very interesting stuff. I took the Cognitive Mental Abilities IQ Test electronic edition, eCMA. It's a 36 question multiple-choice timed test, and I can't believe I got 139. Having an IQ of 124 and up qualifies you to be a member of the society.

The International High IQ Society takes what's best about the golden age of the intellectual salons—tolerance, moral engagement, and faith in the free play of ideas—and applies them to a contemporary setting.

The International High IQ Society (IHIQS) is the world's second-largest high IQ society, remaining behind Mensa International. It was founded by Nathan Haselbauer in New York City on April 2002. (Wikipedia, June 9, 2007)
Saturday, June 09, 2007

Captured in the Forest

After I had my lunch, I took quite some time browsing smartkit, a very interesting and mind stimulating site for all the brainiacs out there. I tried solving the Deduce the Pattern puzzle and I got the answer correctly so I tried browsing for other puzzles in the site and next to the one I just tried is this very puzzle I'm posting on my blog. Try to solve the puzzle below. I already have an answer but I will post it here later. So read on and try answering it. Share your answer ok?!


A man walks into a forest and gets captured by fairies. They tell him that they will kill him but he will choose his fate. He will say a statement, and if it is true, he will be
boiled in water. If it is false, he will be fried in oil.

How does the man get out of this situation?


Tuesday, June 05, 2007