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Feelin' so good

Finally, first semester is over. All I'm hoping right now is to get good grades. Yesterday we had our final exam in Environmental Science (NS) and Operating Systems (OS). The exam on NS is easy if you just read and study the handout that the professor gave us. Unfortunately, I didn't review on that subject. The exam on OS is quite difficult. I wasn't able to solve some of the computations.

Actually this week, we watched two movies, Into the Blue and The 40 Year Old Virgin. Into the Blue is an adventure and suspense flick, the scenery is incredible and the stars are bodacious. Jessica Alba and Paul Walker managed to pull-out a mind-blowing chemistry. The 40 Year Old Virgin, on the other hand, is a very entertaining sex comedy. The movie is charming, sweet, romantic, and in the end it turned out to be musical too.

Tomorrow, it will be our sem break party in Metro Bar. We will be there to support our classmate, Roy, in the pageant and also to enjoy ourselves. We don't have any definite plan yet of we will be doing after the party. I hope that things will turn out the way I expected.

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Monday, October 17, 2005