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Between Dinner and the Morning After


When the past makes a comeback…

Although it's taking her eccentric boss forever to give Abi a break, its fine — at least she's got a job. It pays the shopping bills and keeps her busy.

Although she's no longer happy with her boyfriend, it's cool — he's perfect for her mother and her friends.

That is, until someone she was in love with eight years ago returns to the picture.

Suddenly, it all boils down to the past vs. the present: Current okay life or the possibility of something better?

She has overnight to decide.


I admire Abi for her courage to turn her back against the possibility of a better career and a marriage with a wonderful man, who has a very supportive family, but I also have to say that she's a fool for letting it all slipped away.

She gambled with her opportunities. She said 'no' to a wonderful man in front of his and her family for the chance of being with Juno who is by the way a fling eight years ago. She went to San Francisco to be with the guy on the New Year's Eve without the guarantee that they will end up together. She doesn't even know the status of Juno.

In the end, she found out that Juno is so excited to become a Daddy. He's already attached to somebody else and too bad because he can't be with her on the new year's eve since his girlfriend's relatives were expecting him to join them on that celebrated event.

But despite all of it, she was glad that she was that sort of person who would do anything for a real connection

I like the book, nice dialogues, and fantastic characterization. "A must-read for all closet romantics!" narrates Cosmopolitan Philippines.


Monday, October 24, 2005
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Anonymous diane says:
sarah.. ang ganda!!! same kayo ng binbabsa ng ate ko.. mdame syang gnyan!!
4:43 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous ruthy says:
Abi did all of the things I am afraid of doing.

The book shone revealed those fears in me, but even so, it's a great read.
7:16 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous says:
san pba merong copy ng bet dinner $ d morning aftr? tagal ko na hnahanap yan e.. nkaka 10 NBS branch na aq wla na aq mahanap.. yan pa nmn ung kaisa-isang request skn ng ate ng bf q.. hehe.. papagoodshot. pag may alm ka nmn po khit 2nd hand lang bbilhin ko na.. thanks! here's my id
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