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I'm supposed to review for our final exam on Organizational Theory and Strategic Management tomorrow but until now I haven't flipped a single page of the handouts that i'm supposed to read. I'm trying so hard to comprehend the text on the handouts but I can't absorb the details. My mind seems to be somewhere else.

A while ago, I was sending SMS to this anonymous texter. Uh... I really don't know what to say. I think I enjoy texting with him. I kinda like the person I make out of him. He's witty, sensible, and mysterious. But the problem is..., I really have no idea who the hell he is. I try to ask him about his identity but the more I ask questions the more he gets secretive. I'm really curious with this guy. He fascinates me; he's not like most unnamed texters I've encountered before.

That's about it....., I really have to go back to the papers on my study desk... I have to read 'em.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005