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I'm So Into Piano

I've been taking piano lessons since May and just last week we were able to finish Part One of John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course. Yay! I'm so excited to start with Part Two. Part One and Two of the course are somewhat like a preparatory grade in piano. At first I find the phasing of our lesson slow but everyone has to go through the basics even Maksim. He just started earlier but I’m quite sure that before he mastered the Flight of the Bumblebee he practiced Mary Had a Little Lamb first. I also registered in pianoworld and have been reading threads ever since. A few hours ago I came across a thread posted by an engineering student in Argentina.

He's 18 and has been taking piano lessons in a conservatory for a year and a half. He's about to start college next month and worries he won't have enough time to practice. He even considers piano more than just a hobby and wants to be a better player. The guy wants to be an engineer and a musician at the same time.

Actually, for the past few weeks I also have been pondering on the same thought. Can a person of different profession, without music background be a pianist? I'm not aiming to be a concert pianist. I think that's way too much. Being able to play in a simple bar with few audiences will be fine for me. I just want people to hear and see me play. I want to be good at piano so I really made sure I practice everyday for at least an hour.

I considered purchasing a keyboard with weighted keys to have a look and feel of the real piano. I want a real piano but knowing how much piano costs I have to settle for a keyboard as an alternative.

I already have music pieces lined up and ready to be played. I just got to have the skills to play them so I really have to be patient and practice and practice and practice. ^_^
Friday, July 11, 2008