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An Unexpected Trip On the Way Home

We were on our way home when Kerikin, my roommate, commented that getting home at past 8 o’clock in the evening is better than going home after office hours since by doing so we we are able to avoid heavy traffic. I was not surprised when the driver of the passenger vehicle we are riding joined in our conversation saying that traffic during that hour is still not okay. Then he asked us if our house was flooded when Ondoy stormed. We said no and he commented that out of several people he asked the same question we are the only ones who answered no. He also added that we were lucky. Apparently, some parts of Pasig are still flooded. A silly thought hit me about those still flooded places being part of a body of water but then rejected the idea blaming the condition to clogged water passages. Then the conversation progressed. I was liking that man’s way of thinking. He was so absorbed on what he was talking. We discussed people throwing garbage anywhere and how it can be blamed for what happened during the storm (And I totally agree with him!), senator’s pork barrel, corrupt officials, people from the province leaving their homes to crowd Metro Manila in the hope of getting a good job to earn money and more importantly he talked daringly about political monopoly and corruption. Our conversation halted when we were about to get off but he advised us to really vote for the right people on the upcoming election. Who are these people?? Well, it’s our responsibility to find out.

Vote wisely! ^_^

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Thursday, October 15, 2009