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Firefly in My Window

The night is cool. My system is not yet set for slumber so I make myself busy answering facebook’s Pick Your Five, 5 things that remind me of something.. or someone, and playing Kung-Fu Pets. I was trying to make up my mind what five songs to include in my facebook list as I have a long list of songs that reminded me of people close to me when something flickering in our curtain caught my eye. I got up and went closer to the window to see what just disturbed my reverie. I was stunned to discover that it was a firefly. I looked outside hurriedly to see if there are more fireflies but I was disappointed. It was really nice to see a firefly. It kind of brings back some of my childhood memories. I can’t remember how old I was since the last time I saw fireflies gleaming on a huge mango tree. I think I was about 10 – 12 years old then. Now I’m missing the tranquility and simplicity of life in the province where fireflies are all over the place during the night. It’s really funny because I just remembered telling my officemates I missed seeing fireflies. And I just saw one! To my excitement, I cradled the poor thing in my palm taking extra care because I might squeeze it. ^_^

I’m looking forward to seeing more of these flaming bugs in this crazy and busy city.


Saturday, August 15, 2009
Anonymous Roy says:
talagang cradle ah. haha
9:33 PM GMT+8