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Forbidden Love


Matsushima Nanako — Michi Hirose
Takizawa Hideaki — Hikaru Kurusawa
Shirakawa Yumi
Kuroki Hitomi
Bessho Tetsuya


Hirose Michi, a 26 year old teacher dissatisfied with her life, but unable to change it's direction toward a loveless marriage and a less then satisfying career. Everything changes when she meets and bonds with Kurasawa Hikaru, a 17 year old transfer student with his own problems, which mirror her own. Mutual attractions lead to attachment and finally, love. This leads to a situation where they must contend with a society that is not accepting such an unusual relationship. The remainder of the series follows their trials and tribulations leading to a bittersweet, yet hopeful finale.


Forbidden Love is a story of true, deep and lasting love where the only crime is that Hikaru was born 9 years too late. This series taught me that we should not be paranoid with what people will think if we do this or do that. If it does not conform to their standard so what, at least we're happy right?! We are our own person and capable of making ourselves happy so we should not let other ruin it by dictating us what to do.

I really love this series and I hope that everyone could watch it. This drama moved me unexpectedly. It almost made me cry. I like the role of Takky here as compared to his role on Strawberry on Shortcake. He was adorable in this series since he knows what he wants and he didn't let anyone get on his way. I heard from a friend that ABS-CBN will be showing Forbidden Love soon. Let's just keep our fingers crossed ok?!

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