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Recalling Christmas Memories

Christmas is the time for peace, spreading love, and sharing. It's the perfect time to celebrate with your family, friends, and loved ones. I must say that Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I usually got excited when the ber-months come because they mean that Christmas is fast approaching but this year it's different. I don't know if it's because we're busy with school stuff and all or if it's the effect of growing up or should I say "getting old". Aside from the scourging heat, I really can't feel Christmas that much. If it weren't because of parties and gifts and santa hats, I wouldn't know its Christmas already! Okay, so this Christmas is not that too exciting for me but let me recall my past Christmas memories that I'm truly fond of and worth holding on to:

When I was a kid and my Nanay is still alive, she gave me a Barbie doll. I can't remember how old I was then but all I can say is that I was really sad because my parents were away and my grandma gave me the doll and put a smile on my face. It was my very first Barbie.

Way back in kindergarten during our Christmas party, the class was divided into several groups that will perform. Our group was assigned to dance in the tune of "I Was Dying Inside To Hold You," I don’t know if it was the title of the song. I was hesitant to do it since I was a shy girl. I've always been timid. Anyway, I even considered not attending our party for that matter but my grandma urged me and she bribed me with this cute little dress that I wore during the party. She told me that the girls in our class will envy me when they saw me in that cute little dress. So I went to the party and danced. It was my first performance ever!

This happened when I was seven years old, I went out with friends of the neighboring houses in the province to sing Christmas carols. It was my first time and I was really excited. The first night we had 60 something pesos but we were really happy then because during that time 60 pesos is quite a big amount for kids like me. Haha!

During our CAT Christmas Party my first boyfriend gave me a lovely bracelet. We were not together then and I was hesitant to accept his gift since I really don't usually accept gifts coming from a suitor. I spoke with his best friend about giving back the gift but he told me that his friend had a hard time looking for a perfect gift and it'll be rude on my part not to accept it. It's not the gift at all. I was genuinely touched by his efforts.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006
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