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On a Stormy Thursday

It's quiet. My coffee is hot. It's quite early for me. The sky is gray. It is gloomy and there's coolness in the air. For the next hours I'll be doing school stuff. My computer is busted. There has been a power interruption, I heard a blast and I think it came from the CPU. What the heck! I've just reformat my computer last week and the thought that something has gone wrong again upsets me. I've just transferred my files there and last night I downloaded files that I'll be needing…, so now I'm downloading it all again (*sigh).

The game 2 has been cancelled. Rumor has it that it'll resume on Saturday. Of all day, why does it have to be this Saturday?! We'll be having quizzes on two of our subjects and a laboratory on java. I hope that we can convince our professors. I really wanted our team to win and bagged the championship and I wanted to be there when it happens. I've been faithfully watching every game of the UST Growling Tigers and indeed they've gone so far. They've exceeded everyone's expectation. Last Sunday, they've put up a great fight and almost won game 1 of the best-of-three series. They gave Ateneo a hard time and I'm sure they'll be more aggressive this coming Saturday. That's it for now. Go USTe!!!!


Thursday, September 28, 2006