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ICS Variety Show

This year's ICS week was awesome. By the way I joined the fourth year's group for the ICS Variety Show. We mingled with CS and IT people. I really had a lot of fun and enjoyed performing on stage(my first) though I admit we had lapses in our execution but I think the show turned out okay if not great (laughter). We could've done better if not because of our theses. Of course we seniors have to prioritize our thesis over other things. Here are some of the pics from that event. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to include pictures of the actual performance.

Click here to view more pictures =)

The experience was really great. I had so much fun plus I met new friends. And although we did not get the First Place at least we have some magazines and enjoy ourselves. I will surely miss the practice and the company of the CS people… they are so funny (in a good way)! :)

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Sunday, September 10, 2006