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It's Monday already! When I woke up this morning, my thoughts were everywhere. It feels like there are lots of things to do and I don't even know where to begin. Oh well, life is really getting busier each day. I hope that this will calm soon. Ok, so going back... I hate worrying about my loads so I said to myself, 'Hey why don't you update your blog!', and tadaa now you're reading my post.. Haha! Anyway, read on...

Last Friday we went to UP to attend the Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology, which is held every year. I must say that last year's youth congress was better than this year. The only talk that I like this year's event was that of Hon. Francis G. Escudero. During his talk, all eyes and ears were focused on him and there are applause and clapping every now and then. A lot of students took pictures of him. He is a good speaker. He talks spontaneously. I agree on what he said about the condition of our country... the politics, our economy, discipline of the people, etc. He even shared with us his prayer unfortunately I wansn't able to write it down. I might search for it in the Internet any time soon =D. (Sigh) There's nothing much to write... so just take a peek on the pics...

Gawi Jives for Five

UST Salinggawi Drives for Five Read the full story here.This season's Cheerdance Competition, the UST's premier dance group, The UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe, once again, for the fifth time in a row, dominated the Araneta Coliseum and declared the Champion. Click Here to watch Gawi's performance. Gawi sets the trend and it is evident on the routine of other schools except UP. This year's competition was really intense. Some schools have improved a lot. I like UP's routines but I guess perfect timing and synchronization were not there that's why FEU got the second place. Here's the list of the winners from 1995-2006. I got this from Wikipedia.

1995 - UST ~ UP ~ FEU ~ Ateneo ~ Adamson ~ UE ~ DLSU ~ NU
1996 - UST ~ FEU ~ UP ~ Ateneo ~ Adamson ~ UE ~ DLSU ~ NU
1997 - UST ~ FEU ~ UP ~ Ateneo ~ DLSU ~ Adamson ~ UE ~ NU
1998 - FEU[1] ~ UP ~ DLSU ~ Ateneo ~ Adamson ~ UE ~ NU
1999 - UP ~ UST ~ FEU ~ Adamson ~ Ateneo ~ DLSU ~ UE ~ NU
2000 - UP ~ UST ~ Ateneo ~ UE ~ Adamson ~ FEU ~ UE ~ NU
2001 - UP ~ Adamson ~ UST ~ UE ~ Ateneo ~ FEU ~ DLSU ~ NU
2002 - UST ~ UE ~ UP ~ Ateneo ~ FEU ~ Adamson ~ NU ~ DLSU
2003 - UST ~ UP ~ FEU ~ Ateneo ~ Adamson ~ UE ~ DLSU ~ NU
2004 - UST ~ UP ~ FEU ~ Ateneo ~ Adamson ~ DLSU ~ UE ~ NU
2005 - UST ~ UP ~ FEU ~ DLSU ~ Adamson ~ UE ~ Ateneo ~ NU
2006 - UST[2] ~ FEU ~ UP ~ Adamson ~ Ateneo ~ UE ~ NU

[1] The University of Santo Tomas Salinggawi Dance Troupe did not join the Nestle cheerdance competition but instead joined the Lipton cheerdance competition which they won.
[2] The De La Salle University Pep Squad did not join due to the suspension of their varsity teams.

Number of Championship per University

UST - 8
UP - 3
FEU - 1

Click here to see more pictures of the Cheerdance Competition


Yesterday I went in Araneta with Christian, Jam, Roy, Cheska, and Weng to watch the game between our team (UST) and UE. It was so much fun! The first and second quarter we were up by twelve or so but when third quarter took place, I became disappointed with the UST players. How can they let those bloody warriors get close to their score and worse outdo them by four. Hay! Things get really excited when fourth quarter took place. Thomasians were yelling 'Beat UE!' and in the end of the game we won =D (Buti na lang!). On the first game by the way Ateneo won, so I guess we'll see you in the finals Ateneo! Go USTe!!!

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Monday, September 18, 2006
Anonymous Andrea says:
Ang galing talaga ng UST! The Best... Grabe panglima nyo na to.. I'm from MCU pala, we watch the performance and ang galing talga ng ust.. Maganda din yung sa feu and adamson..
4:33 PM GMT+8