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August is Here

Time is slipping away. I've been busy this past few weeks working on our thesis. I lost track of time and now I just realized that we really have to start building the prototype of the web-based system for Plaid Sandwich Bar as soon as possible if we wanted to graduate on March 2007.

I'm looking forward on the events that might happen after graduation. I've got so many plans and I do hope that things will go my way. And oh by the way, I'm back in the gym. The countless sleepless night and takaw days take their toll on my weight and it really depressed me. There was a time that I can't even fit on my uniform.

I haven't played the piano lately because of my responsibilities in school. The last time I concentrated on the instrument rather than academics I wasn't able to finish our laboratory exercise in COBOL. I think I have to prioritize school stuff over other things and speaking of prioritizing academics, our preliminary examination was scheduled this coming August 15 through 17. I have to make sure that I will get high scores on prelims to make up for my not-so-good scores in quizzes.

So there..., I think that's all for now. I gotta run. I still have to do some stuff.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Blogger ann-ann says:
hi sara! kaya natin yan!:) bsta kelangan lang we do our part, chaka team work!:) tc! mwah!:)
8:11 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Jonathan says:
Good Luck!!
10:04 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Jayson says:
thanks for dropin by my site! :) thanks for the comments;)
8:19 PM GMT+8