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yOu mAy hEaR bUt yOu dOnT LisTeN. yOu mAy sEe bUt yOu dOnt oBsErvE. yOu mAy kNoW bUt yOu dOnT rEaLizE. BeLieVe iN yOuR dReAms nOt yOuR dEspAiRiNg tHoUgHts. ThErE's mOrE tO yOu tHaN TaLk. dReAm bIg....

There are so many wonderful mysteries in this world that is worth unveiling. Don't waste your time over non-sense stuff. Be careful on how you spend your time. Have fun learning and discovering things. Enjoy Life!

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Sunday, August 13, 2006
Anonymous kate says:
ang cute nung message ah.. thank you sara for making me realize some things.. and thank you for being there.. i need some one to talk to, baka mahatak kita one of these days.. :P
9:10 PM GMT+8  
Blogger sara says:
its ok.. i'm just a text away.. :-D... kung kelangan m ng kausap im here...
9:36 AM GMT+8