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An Encounter with a Disgusting Man

Last Sunday (August 27) on my way to the church while crossing the pedestrian this man behind me pat my butt using the plastic bag he's carrying. I look back and stare at him odiously to show him he make me sick. He said sorry but he did it this way, "Miss sorry ah, lambot kasi ng pwet mo.." I wanted to punch him in the face, kick his fat ass, and curse him until the stars I mean the universe punish him for what he did and said. I mean what was he thinking?! Do I look like a slut to him?! For crying out loud, I wasn't even wearing revealing clothes that day... I'm just on my usual jeans and shirt. So instead of bad-mouthing with that jerk, I walked hurriedly but to my surprise he's trying to catch up with me. I even heard him said, "Miss teka lang nagmamadali ka ba?!". That jerk, that piece of shit.. I will never forgive him. He really disgust me!

Its sad to know that some guys are like that. I mean, can't they be more cultured and act like a nice and decent man. How could that man do it in the street and instead of apologizing nicely he pushed me to the limit and got into my nerves. I swear during that time I'd like to electrify him and hang him upside down. You might think that I'm so violent. I think I am but its because of that man and his horrible actions. At that time I'm so prepared to go to the church and pray. When I woke up that morning I'm so focused and I already have plans on how to spend my Sunday. I have this positive aura in my system but that man ruined it. You see I'm a girl who's very, I'd like to emphasize the VERY, sensitive when it comes to touch and physical contact. I get easily irritated when I feel that a stranger, especially a pervert-looking guy, touch me. Who doesn't, right girls?? You can tell it when they're doing it on purpose, so girls beware!

Well, forgive me for my choice of words. I admit they're bit harsh.... I mean really harsh...but I have to get this out of my system. Again, please accept my earnest apologies.


Monday, August 28, 2006