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Piano and Me

When I woke up today and after taking my breakfast, I sat in front of my computer and began studying how to read musical notes with Yanni's music in the background. I'm desperate to learn how to play the piano. Eversince I always wanted to play the instrument. Too bad I just got the determination lately and to make things worst.., I don't have a piano or keyboard, I'm still planning to get one. Anyway, as I'm concentrating on what I'm doing I noticed that my brother was looking on the monitor and he asked me if I was planning to shift from my current course to music since I look so eager to learn the notes. He even joked about me not getting any success because first and foremost I'm a terrible singer. I just shrugged my shoulder and told him that playing the piano has nothing to do with singing.

A few moments later my brother came back and guess what he brought..... well it's a keyboard. I'm really grateful for my brother and with his connections... After that he told me that I can get things faster if I can apply what I'm learning. He's so unbelievable.

So going back... I setup the keyboard and began playing 'Ode to Joy'. It was really hard, my fingers are frozen. Then I decided to concentrate on my right hand first... And after a few tries, I can finally play some part of 'Ode to Joy'. It was a wonderful feeling. Having to finally hit the keys in the keyboard. I almost forget that I'm about to write the hypothesis and assumptions of our chapter three thesis documentation. So there... I'd just like to share that I can now play 'Ode to Joy' in the piano and I can now also read notes (some part).


Thursday, July 13, 2006
Anonymous Other says:
seems like desperado kang matuto magpiano.. Gud luck! u can do it!
1:21 AM GMT+8