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Getting Busier Each Day

I won't be posting here for the next few weeks or maybe months. School has been so demanding and I spent most of my time in school researching about our topic in thesis. My groupmates wanted to start early which I think is a good thing since we are expected to complete the project by January next year. I'm so glad that my thesis partners are responsible and trustworthy.

As of now, our topic has been approved and we're working on chapters one to three. We're planning to start the programming of the system second week of July and I hope that we'll be able to finish it by December so that all we have to do by January is to find bugs in the system. I'm planning to have a part-time job because I'm so broke. I wanted to buy so many things without asking my parents for money... I want to buy those things on my own but since its our thesis I think its not possible for me to have a part-time job and thesis at the same time and besides I don't want to risk my academics again, so I guess those things will have to wait until I graduated from college.

By the way my mom bought me a laptop last June 22, her birthday. I not expecting her to buy me a laptop especially on her birthday. I was really surprised... I almost forgot to greet her. But anyway, I'm so grateful for my mom. She's the best mom of all moms.... ^_^ Love you Mom! Although, I do not usually express it verbally, I hope that my actions are more than enough to express how much I love you...

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Saturday, July 01, 2006