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What Scares You?

No doubt, ghosts, bloody creatures, and monsters scare you out of your wit. But let me give you my top ten list of the things that scares me the most and prove that it's not always about ghosts, ghouls, and monsters.

  1. Snakes - Even when I'm just a kid, I'm already scared of snakes. There was one time when I'm 7 years old and I saw a snake in the street hit by a car, its blood was splattered everywhere. And believe me, I wasn't able to eat the whole day because I cannot forget the snake. Also sometimes they were in my dreams and it really freaked me out. There was one time when I watched Anaconda, the night after that I dreamed of the giant snake hunting me. That was really scary.
  2. Cockroaches specially when they are flying - gruesome creatures... ehw
  3. Losing a family member, friends, and loved one - These people are part of me. They are special. I learn from them. They make me smile and fill my life and with these reasons I'm afraid of losing any one of them.
  4. Death - I don't want to die... Not yet...
  5. Darkness and confined spaces - I hate 'em because they give me a suffocating feeling.
  6. Being alone - who does?
  7. Losing my memory - I don't like the idea of forgetting all of the wonderful experiences, nice people, and thoughts.
  8. Ghosts - Like most people I'm also scared of ghosts. I hate the thought of dead people manifesting themselves in you.
  9. Rats - I hate rats particularly the big one.
  10. Failure - I don't want to fail because that means disappointing others specially my family.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005
Hi Sara! This is Trea! Y'know what, I hate big rats too! Hope you visit my blog soon. :)
9:58 PM GMT+8