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What Musical Instrument Should You Play?

You Should Play the Piano

You are a true music aficionado who loves many musical style and eras.

You find music to be an escape. And you'd like to be relaxed and comfortable when you're making it.

You're very innovative, and you have a unique way of knowing what may sound beautiful.

There's a strong possibility that you could compose some of your own work songs quite easily.

While you have a lot of creative energy, you are also serious and conscientious.

Your musical talent needs time, practice, and lots of privacy to flourish.

Your dominant personality characteristic: your painstaking attention to detail

Your secondary personality characteristic: your natural tendency to be whimsical

^_^ I'm glad its the piano!!! ^_^

Last night I watched The Pianist with my roommates. I was so inspired that after the movie I played the piano until 2 am. Then I woke up at 7 and played some more for quite a while before attending my piano lesson. I was so amazed with the way the piano player moved his fingers on the keys. It was so light and graceful. I hope I can play like that.

When I had my piano lesson today I'm starting to have difficulties and it made me sad. I wanted to play the piano. I wanted to be good at it. My piano teacher keeps on encouraging me. He told me that even though I memorized my piece, I still have to check what's written on the staff. I think that's the problem with me..., I rely on my memory. I already developed a habit of memorizing the pieces that I ought to play. I think I have to practice sight reading more often.

I'm thankful I have a patient and very understanding piano teacher. At the end of the lesson I apologized to him for giving him a hard time. He just smiled and told me that it's actually normal... that most of his students are also having a hard time on those pieces. I'm several pages away from starting Book Three of John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course. I'm excited but my piano teacher told me that the next pieces will be more difficult.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008