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Piano Lessons with PianoNanny

Back in college, I really wanted to take piano lessons but thesis and other senior-school stuff prevented me to do so. I would read online articles on how to play the piano but as our thesis progresses the lesser the time I'm able to allot on my piano lessons until such time I barely sleep and have no option but to drop my online piano lessons and focus my full time attention on our thesis.

After graduation, I became preoccupied looking for a job that I totally forgot about the piano. Then one time, I was so stressed with work that I when I got home, I locked myself in my room and played Enya and that reminded me of how eagerly I was before to learn to play the piano. I searched the net for possible schools, I even considered enrolling in Yamaha until I came across this ad about a piano tutor who offers cheap piano lessons. I phoned the person and inquired about the details. But when I was about to start my lesson, Fujitsu Ten Solutions Philippines called. I was bored with my previous company then that I opted to file my resignation and join FTSP. Once again, I have to postpone my piano lessons since the salary that I'll be getting from FTSP is not as much as the one from my previous employer.

Then just last week, Irish, my office mate, asked me to take violin lessons with her and Sir Arch. I told her that I also wanted to take piano lessons but violin will also be fine. We went to Megamall canvassing for violin and also for possible violin classes. We still have to look for other institutions that offer violin or piano classes and compare prices.

No work for us last Thursday and Friday, May 1 and 2, so I spend my long weekends at home. I'm supposed to review for our Nihongo class but I just spend most of my time reading piano lessons at

So far I've learned the following:

  • Melodic Names (including sharps and flats) of the notes on the Keyboard.

  • Melodic Names (including sharps and flats) of the notes on the Staff.

  • Rhythmic Names of the notes on the Staff (quarter, eighth, sixteenth, half, and whole).

  • The length (size or time signature) of a measure and how to figure it.

  • Treble Clef (to be played by our right hand).

  • Bass Clef (to be played by our left hand).

Meanwhile, enjoy this artistic pieces I've found on Flckr:

Treble Clef

Bass Clef

That would be it for this post. I have to go back to PianoNanny. I meant to document my progress here. So wish me the best of luck! ^_^


Saturday, May 03, 2008
Anonymous matt says:
the above clef images you have taken off flickr are my own creations. if you do insist on using them without my consent, could you please at least link them back to the original pages. cheers.
9:00 PM GMT+8